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The water cycle or hydrologic cycle

Hydro means water in Greek. Logic comes from the Greek “logos” meaning study, science, or thesis. The water cycle is about how water is in a constant state of change between its 3 states, liquid (water), solid (ice), and vapor (steam). The Water Cycle has no starting or ending point –water evaporates, rains, snows, freezes…it’s just constantly changing. In broad strokes this is how the water cycle works -- water in the oceans are evaporated by the heat from the sun or from the Earth’s hot interior. That water is collected into clouds that then create storm systems that eventually rain or snow water back down to Earth where it either freezes into ice or collects into rivers and lakes that eventually drain back into the world’s oceans to repeat the process. #outdoorsciencetv#outdoorscience#watercycle

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